This Cheesus Crust Burger Will Make You Say “Oh Cheesus!”

Words by: Nadine Hocson
Photos by: Mark Anastacio

Be saved by this sinful but heaven-sent burger concoction.

Lazy Bastard FINAL 4Lazy Bastard’s famous war cry

Known for their war cry “Long Live Bacon”, Lazy Bastard never fails to cater the hungry and those who long for the best burgers and hotdogs in the metro. Lazy Bastard’s COO, Justine, assures you that they’ve got unpretentious, New York style comfort food that will leave you like a lazy bastard after a hefty meal.

Lazy Bastard FINAL 3Interior of Lazy Bastard’s U.P. Town Center branch

Lazy Bastard takes their food—especially their burgers—very seriously. They assure you that what you get is the real stuff, no shortcuts. All their burgers are charcoal grilled made from 100% chuck beef patties, served with the freshest toppings on a dense but soft potato bun that will surely make you want more. They offer classics like the Bacon Cheeseburger (P 220) and those with a twist of gourmet such as the Honey Parmesan Dog (P 200).

Lazy Bastard FINAL 11Classic Bacon Cheeseburger

Try their variety of sides from fries (which are hand cut on the spot), Frickles or fried pickles, tater tots, onion rings, and more. Lazy Bastard’s Calamantea is also one thing you shouldn’t miss, a freshly brewed iced tea with calamansi juice which they shake in front of you upon order.

But here’s what we really came for…

Charcoal grilled chuck beef patty topped with slices of jalapeño, a generous slice of cheddar cheese oozing out and a cheddar cheese skirt around it. Again, CHEDDAR, CHEESE. SKIRT.

Ladies and gents, we present to you the newest addition to Lazy Bastard’s foodgasmic menu:

The Cheesus. Crust. Burger.

The burger was named by Sam Reyes, who joined together with hundreds of burger fanatics to come up with a name for it. Among many witty entries, the Cheesus Crust prevailed. It is indeed a blessing from heaven as every bite is sinful yet euphoric. When served, you won’t be able to keep your senses off of it. The Cheesus Crust tantalizes your eyes with its golden cheese skirt while the aroma of the charcoal grilled patty and the velvety texture of the potato bun. Just. Wow.

You don’t know it yet, but you need this burger in your life.

Lazy Bastard FINAL 14The Cheesus Crust Burger (P550)

Come as you are. Cheesus Crust is waiting for you.

Lazy Bastard
Instagram: @lazybastardph