This cat wouldn’t stop mourning at their favorite human’s wake, refused to leave their side

The loyalty of pets is always something that can tug at heartstrings. Even though we may not communicate in the same way, we can often feel their love even without them saying it. It can be small gestures–waiting for you, cuddling up to you, etc. They find a way to show their love somehow.

This is the same case with Apang the ginger cat. Ira Villagracia’s grandfather passed away and they held the wake when they were surprised by the appearance of this ginger cat. Apparently, the cat walked the whole 5 blocks from where he usually stays just to see their grandfather and curl up next to the body. While he was alive, Apang was his favorite cat and he took care of him very well, giving him even the last of his food if he had to. Apang harbored a deep love for their lolo and came to pay respects, as well. It seemed like he was in mourning, too, as he refused to eat.

Check out the Facebook post below:

When my Grandfather passed away 2 days ago, “Apang” the ginger cat ? came to my grandfather’s funeral wake. As a matter…

Posted by Ira Lanuza Villagracia on Friday, October 16, 2020

Apang has since been able to eat again, thankfully.

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