This cat keeps stealing his neighbor’s shoes so the owner made a Facebook group for them

Pets are funny sometimes. Or even all the time. They get into cute little antics, make meme-worthy faces, and just help us unwind after long days. We love our pets and we truly hope they love us back in their little heads and hearts. They can be sweet and they cane even be super funny.

Well, this is one instance of a pet being hilarious. This sweet little cat loves going around the neighborhood at night stealing other people’s shoes! Sometimes he revisits some neighbors to get the other half of the pair to complete them, too! That’s the cutest (and funniest) thing ever. We just hope these people didn’t need their shoes that day–because this cat’s probably brought it home.

Upon noticing how many shoes their cat would collect, they installed a GPS on the cat’s collar and saw that he would frequent specific neighbors, likely to fetch the second shoe since he can only hold one at a time! So cute!

The owner made a Facebook group in order to let their neighbors know about the catnapped shoes.

Check out the post below:

This Cat Loves Stealing His Neighbors’ Shoes So Much, His Owner Even Created A Facebook Group To Return Them lmao

Posted by Umbriel Él Laure on Saturday, August 15, 2020

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