This Cashier Was Arrested After Memorizing 1,300 Customers’ Credit Card Details to Go Online Shopping

Credit Card Payment

This is probably not what you’re supposed to do when you have photographic memory.

Yusuke Taniguchi, a part-time cashier at a mall in Koto City, Japan, was arrested after he was caught using stolen credit card information to shop for things online.

According to reports, he was able to gather information from as many as 1,300 people. Taniguchi did this by memorizing the 16-digit-number, name, expiry date, and security code while processing his customers’ purchase. He then wrote it down. After he was arrested, the police found a notebook containing credit card details from hundreds of victims.

Taniguchi reportedly used the credit cards to shop for things online, sell them at a pawnshop, and use the money to cover his living expenses.

He was caught when he bought two bags costing Y270,000 (roughly P130,000), which were delivered to his home. The police was alerted and it led them to Taniguchi’s apartment.


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