This Brand of Rice Goes For More Than P5000 Per Kilo

Kinmemai Premium rice earned its spot in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2016 for being the world’s most expensive rice. They did so with a hefty cost of $109 per kilogram, which was around Php 5,500. Its price now stands at SGD 155 or more than Php 5,800. The specific product that comes with such a heavy price tag is the the Kinmemai Premium blend.

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The costliness of the rice is attributed to its high quality and nutritious value. It contains five varieties of award-winning grain from Japan’s Gunma, Gifu, Kumamoto, Nagano and Niigata prefectures. The company explains that the grains in the rice blend is matured for 6 months in order to enhance their texture and flavor. 

It is also being marketed as a rice blend that is comparatively more flavorful, more nutritious, and sweeter. They describe it as having a “strong, rich flavor” that is “superior to conventional white rice.” It is supposed to have 6 times more lipopolysaccharides, which boosts the immune system. 

Though the selection and processes for the grains are certainly of premium quality, its price point is enough to make anyone stop in their tracks. It would do people good to discern whether they truly need a brand of rice that’s tantamount to a luxury item.

What would you rather spend P5,000 on?