This Board Game Will Teach Girls About Their Periods

Remember board games? I remember playing with Monopoly, The Game of Life, and Snakes and Ladders as a child. Maybe it’s our generation’s affinity for nostalgia, or the fact that we never really outgrew board games, but tons of board game cafés are around the metro and are packed to the brim!

Could it be possible though, that we may be seeing this game in shelves soon? Cosmo has reported that design students have come up with The Period Game, which is rather self-explanatory game: it teaches girls about menstruation in a fun way!

Players play by twisting an ovary, with one marble “egg” dropping out of the vagina to dictate your next move. Landing on a red marble means you’re on your period which keeps you safe, while a clear one could either keep you clear, or suffer from PMS. There are cards for protection depending on where you land, such as one for wearing a tampon, or taking treatments such as a warm bath, or a good night’s rest.

This is what they should be teaching in those sex ed classes!

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