This BGC Restaurant has Bibingka Cheesecake and Holiday Party Platters Perfect For Your After-Work Christmas Parties

Words by Oriana Cuenca

Photos by Eunick Nobe

It’s a Friday night and the lights of BGC have just started to come on. You sit outside with a view of all the buildings and 2000s RnB playing in the background. One by one, friends and co-workers arrive. Drinks are ordered. The table is brimming with food, and the flow of conversation starts with bites of chicken wings and croquettes in between. This is what Mimi & Bros is all about.

The giant HAPPY sign on top of the bar should say it all. Mimi & Bros has always been about comfort food. For the holidays, they’re taking it up a notch with Christmas flavors made to share, and it doesn’t get more festive than lechon. Mimi & Bros. Lechon Belly (Php 3500/15-20pax)  is what holidays are made of. The skin on the roast is crisp and flavorful like any good lechon should be. The roasted sucking pig isn’t served in the traditional style, but all of the classic herbs and spices are there with every bite.

For an international celebration, the Porchetta is king of the holiday entrees. Porchetta (Php3500/15-20pax)  is a boneless stuffed pork roast with the skin and fat left on. Mimi & Bros. has a dedicated philosophy of their Porchetta: Tender and juicy on the inside. Crisp and crackling skin on the outside. Thoroughly seasoned all the way through. A cousin of the lechon, this is a dish that defines itself with a unique blend of spices. Sage, thyme, peppercorn, rosemary, garlic, chili, and some top-secret ingredients come together for another perfect holiday roast.

While this one isn’t technically a holiday special, what kind of party is complete without chicken? Mimi and Bros. Truffle Honey Butter Wings (Php1150/12-15pax) is a game-changer with its sauce. The chicken wings are smothered in a sauce that brings out all the subtle yet powerful flavor of truffles. Every bite has a rich buttery taste on top of the crunch from the wings. This is a combo that manages to make two bold flavors work to elevate the humble chicken wing to new heights.

Another chicken favorite is Mimi’s Fried Chicken (Php2300/12-15pax), it’s juicy with a resounding crunch. The simple flavors pair perfectly with their five signature sauces. If you don’t mind a little kick with your meal, the hot honey sauce is an interesting blend of sweet and spicy. The thick sweetness of honey counters most of the heat, but a little bit of that spiciness still tickles the taste buds.

When the main dishes are done and the meal is winding down, celebrate the chill in the air with a new take on a classic Filipino Christmas favoritethe  Bibingka Cheesecake (Php375/piece). Mimi & Bros. has made a name for itself with the rich and velvety flavors of their Burnt Basque Cheesecake. For the holidays, they wanted to bring out the warmth of the season. Bibingka is a family dish shared on many a Christmas morning breakfast, and the homey flavors of the bibingka mixed with the decadence of cheesecake make the Bibingka Cheesecake an inspired dish. The cheesecake base has a spongy layer of classic bibingka on top. The dish is topped with kesong puti to really highlight local favorites. A few bites into this Bibingka Cheesecake and you’ll be in for a surprise: this dessert comes with the chopped salted egg pieces that bibingka is known for. Salted egg on cheesecake? It’s an unlikely combination, but the sweet and salty flavors complement just like they do on a classic bibingka.

While waiting for the roasts to come out of the oven, Mimi & Bros also has two signature side dishes: Crispy Chicken and Bacon Croquettes with Garlic Aioli (Php900/8-10pax) and Corn Dogs (Php35/piece). The soft breaded croquettes are a light dish with a mild flavor. It’s the kind of appetizer that whets the appetite but leaves plenty of room for more to come. The corn dogs are on the heavier side, but the perfect pancake-like coating over the savory meat is an irresistible combination. A bite or two won’t hurt while waiting for the main event.

Mimi & Bros stands like a beacon at Crossroads BGC. Everyone who’s tired from a long day of work finds themselves here with a drink in hand and a plate of good food ready to share. This is the kind of place for conversations, for meeting up with old friends, and for enjoying the company of those who have made the year worth celebrating. Mimi & Bros. is a celebration hub for those who are looking to sit back with a delicious meal and let the laughter of good friends fill the night.

Mimi and Bros



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