This Beggar Just Wrote a Best-Selling Book… And Still Lives On The Streets

This beggar just wrote a best-selling book … and still begs on the streets.


Best-selling author Jean-Marie Roughol reportedly begs on one of Paris’ most upscale avenues, with his pitch set up outside a Chanel boutique. Day in and day out, society’s finest and most famous people pass by him on Avenue Montaigne.

And now, he has sold 40,000 copies of his memoir, “My Life As A Panhandler”, detailing his life on the streets, and passersby now pass by him on the street to have copies of their book signed, or take photos with them!

Despite that, he is still working on the streets, having to make 80 euros a day for his food and board. Roughol will not receive his royalties from his book for another 10 months.

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