This Bakery Has 800 People Waiting in Line to Try Their Donuts with Filipino Flavors

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If you want to try the donuts from Kora, you would have to wait as there are 800 people on its waitlist.

The online bakery is based in New York City, and is owned by Kimberly Camara and Kevin Borja. Kora is known for its donuts with Filipino flavors, using Filipino ingredients.

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According to a report by Eater New York, Kora’s offerings include familiar flavors like champorado, pinipig, itlog na pula (using salted egg yolk lava, condensed milk, and an egg yolk dust), and turon.

Kora started during the pandemic when Camara was laid off from her catering job. She was at her parents’ home when she saw some leftover brioche dough and extra ube filling. She combined the two and loved it. She told Eater, “I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is really good. I would pay for this!’”

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It has become so popular that they sell 275 donuts each week, with Eater reporting that products are sold out in just one minute. When Camara and Borja invested in a baker’s rack to increase capacity, orders now sell out within three minutes.

Customers can order every Monday from the official Instagram account, and the donuts are available for pickup or delivery on Fridays. Customers can only buy 10 donuts at a time after one bought 60 at once.

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