This App Can Tell What is Outside Your Airplane Window

This App Can Tell What is Outside Your Airplane Window

A traveler’s first two photos are: a shot of their passport and their ticket, and a sea of clouds with a plane’s wing cutting through the blue and white. The second one is beautiful, but none of us really know what we’re taking a picture of. Can you identify the green mass of trees outside your window? How about those roads that light up at night?

Now you can.

With the Flyover Country app, you can now identify what you’re looking at when you’re peeking outside the window.

Simply plot your course, and your phone’s GPS can identify where you are and what’s outside. The app uses cached articles, maps, and data, which means you don’t need wifi to name what you’re seeing 35,000 feet up the air.

Developer Shane Loeffler got the idea for the app when he was curious about what he was seeing outside a flight from the UK to Minnesota, US. Amy Myrbo, one of Loeffler’s co-developers, hopes to add meteorological and astronomy facts for night flights.

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