This Anthology Series About One Hotel Room Could Be Your Next TV Addiction

Room 104 HBO

There’s something fascinating about hotel rooms. Yes, they’re comfortable and luxurious, but it makes you wonder: who slept here before me? What did they do? What kind of lives do they lead? It’s these questions that Jay and Mark Duplass, known as the Duplass Brothers, attempt to answer in the new HBO show, Room 104.

Room 104 is an anthology series composed of 12 episodes, with each episode featuring a new plot and a new set of characters. What ties them all together is a room in a motel chain.

According to the Duplass Brothers, “We’ve all seen stories set in seedy motels and high-class international resorts, but for years we’ve been fascinated by the funny, weird, sad, scary, absurd things going down in that corporate chain hotel near the airport. That’s what Room 104 is after… finding some magic in the seemingly mundane.”

The series is set to tackle different genres like comedy, drama, thriller, and horror.

And if the trailer below is anything to go by, it looks like something crazy is bound to happen in each episode:

Some of the familiar names and faces in the trailer include Mae Whitman, Nat Wolff, James Van Der Beek, and Jay Duplass himself. The Duplass Brothers are known for alternating their appearances in their projects.

Room 104 will premiere on July 28, 2017 on HBO.

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