This Annual Jazz Fest Got Us Loving Jazz Music Even More

Written by: Colleen Dorothy Lalo
Photos by: Katrina Mae Meguizo

Jazz Fest Thursday gave a unique way of chilling. Their 6th anniversary was absolutely a night filled with a lot of food cuisines that could truly satisfy all your cravings, overflowing drinks and beers that were homegrown and, of course, great jazz music that set a relaxing mood for the night. What made this event more unique and special was the very cozy ambiance of the venue. Imagine yourself eating, drinking and listening to a live jazz band while you’re outdoors. Doesn’t that sound fun and amazing?

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According to Atty. Duane Santos, the EVP of Greenfield Development Corporation, they had this “outdoor setup” since they want people to enjoy the jazz night under the stars and the bright moonlight. That is why this venue was really a perfect place to chill and unwind together with family, friends, and loved ones.

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However, the amazing food, drinks, and music were not just the reasons that made this event a blast. It is because Jazz Fest will never be complete without the people who attended it, who brought out more colors and significance to the event.  The crowd was a mixture of different age groups which only proved that Jazz Fest truly is for everyone!

When In Manila interviewed some of the participants and here are the stories we heard:

This trio are biker friends. Aside from sports, they are fond of jazz music, that’s why it brings them closer. Age doesn’t seem to stop them to have fun and to chill. According to them, Jazz Fest was their kind of “bulakbol.”

Jazz Fest seemed like a date night for this couple. According to them, the event was something different. It’s like a break from the ordinary, since not all Filipinos love jazz. However, they added that the event was more special because they were surrounded with happy people and good music. For them, it was something that was rare.

They were Jazz Fest first timers. One of them said that she lives for jazz because she feels like it speaks to her. For them, what made the event special was the fact that they can cherish the night together.

They unexpectedly saw the event across the street and gave it a try. For them, the lights, the atmosphere, the food, and especially the music made the night special.

This group of friends were Jazz Fest second timers. For them, the jazz music made the night special because its beat is very calming and its drumming is amazing.

Jazz Fest became their sort of “High School Reunion.”  They were also second timers to the Jazz Fest. They love jazz music because it is very relaxing and is one of the things that draws them together. They believe that the event was more special because they were together.

Jazz Fest’s Half Year Anniversary Celebration was truly a night to remember! Stay tuned for next year’s Jazz Fest Thursdays at the Greenfield District Central Park and experience a unique way of chilling. See you there!


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