This Amazing Composite Image Shows the Supermoon and Northern Lights on Ayala’s Skyline

Last night, the gap between the Earth and the moon closed to its shortest point, known as the perigee – a distance of 221,525 miles. It was called the “supermoon”.

People from all over the world were so hyped of this event and timelines on social media were flooded with supermoon photos from different parts of the globe.

Filipino photographer Edwin Martinez created the composite image below. It is of the most amazing photos that reflect the supermoon. Actually, the composite image combined three photos, it showed the supermoon along with the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights over Ayala’s skyline in Makati City.


According to Edwin, the three photos he used for this composite image were:

  • Skyline is in Ayala
  • Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) is from Iceland
  • Supermoon is from their veranda in Quezon City

Edwin is also the same landscape photographer who create these photos of the Northern Lights in the Philippine setting.

The event on Monday night was known as the biggest and best in a series of three supermoons.  The first supermoon was on October 16 and the third will be on December 14.

After that, the supermoon will not be matched until the moon makes a similar approach in 2034. The last time the moon was this close to the Earth was in 1948.

You can find more of Edwin Martinez’s work on his Facebook page, Edwin Martinez Photography.

What do you think of this composite image showing the supermoon, Northern Lights, and Ayala skyline?