This Affordable KBBQ Serves Meats Curated by a Seasoned Korean Chef

Words by Oriana Cuenca
Photos by Kimberly Reyes

With the number of Korean barbecue places in the Philippines continuing to rise, you’d start to wonder about the authenticity of these restaurants. So if you’re really looking for a traditional Korean barbecue experience, there’s Fantastic Chef, where you’ll get to taste meats selected by a Korean Chef, but served with signature Filipino hospitality.

The “Fantastic Chef” is named after Chef Jang Jung Yun, a seasoned Korean chef. Chef Jan flew in all the way from Korea to select a line up of meats and side dishes that fit her strict standards. Besides the usual fishcakes, steamed egg, and kimchi, Fantastic Chef also offers Japchae, a stir fried glass noodle dish good enough to be the main event.

“Fantastic” chef aside, what really stands out about the restaurant is their service. You’ll really feel how much they care about their customers. There is also no time limit. You can stay for as long as you want ordering plate after plate for as long as your stomach can handle.

KBBQ in Korea is usually all about the pork, and you can definitely see the attention Fantastic Chef puts into its selection. Beyond the typical pork belly, Fantastic Chef also offers skirt, rack, neck, and cheek, all visually summarized in their menu.

Tip: Cook jowls meat in high heat for long enough and you’ll get flavors that taste just like bacon!

While pork takes center stage at Fantastic Chef, this writer’s personal favorite is their Spicy Chicken BBQ. Chicken is not normally something you go to a Korean BBQ for, but when the chicken tastes as flavorful as this, they can definitely stand alone as their own meal.

Tip: The chicken tastes even better when smothered in their melted cheese.

One thing you’ll notice about Fantastic Chef is that they stick to traditional charcoal grills. Coal adds a certain smokiness electric grills simply can’t mimic. Meat is no good when cold, so be sure to keep the coals hot and the meat grilling.

If you’re looking for a place to celebrate the holidays, you’ve just found it. Fantastic chef has an ongoing 3 + 1 promo where four people can eat for the price of three from 11 AM to 4 PM.

Whether you’re a student from Taft or a professional working in the area, Fantastic Chef is sure to offer you quality meat and good service you’ll want to return to again and again.

Fantastic Chef

2472 Leon Guinto Street, Taft Avenue, Manila
Contact: 09260793425 / 09192628327


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