This Accessory Will Boost Your Phone’s Camera Performance

It has always been a hard task to bring around my DSLR and my mirrorless camera because of my back problems. Still, I have always been used to bringing a camera and my laptop because I have to take photos and make articles for a living.

I saw Pictar for the first time on Kickstarter and luckily, it is now available in the market.

The packaging is pretty simple, but is also built to last. You can use the box to store the case whenever you are not using it.

If you don’t like reading instruction manuals, the box can explain how everything works. It’s fool-proof, so you don’t have to worry about not maximizing its features.

The package contains the Pictar Grip, Padded Pouch, Wrist and Neck Strap.

Initially, I thought it would have a port to connect to the phone, but it doesn’t. You don’t have to connect your phone and its case with Bluetooth or WiFi. Instead, Pictar uses high frequency sounds to communicate between the case and the phone. The sounds are inaudible to human ears, so it is somehow very magical.

The very first thing you have to do when you use the Pictar is to download the app to control the camera and access its settings.

The main feature of Pictar is boosting the performance of your iPhone where you can edit the settings to take better photos. You can use its manual and auto modes or adjust ISO and shutter priority. There is also a macro, sports, video or selfie mode.

There is also a special effects mode, so you can adjust the colors, white balance, saturation, blur and even make your own filters.

It’s pretty easy to fix the settings with Pictar. The physical dials on top and the shutter button are easy to maneuver and adjust. You can easily go from auto to macro with just a few turns of the dial on top of the casing.

The grip and design of the case are really good, too; it feels like you are using an actual camera. Its design is similar to classic cameras imitating its leather texture.

If you are used to using your camera, but want to opt for a smaller device, try the Pictar case. Though most people say it will transform your mobile phone into a DSLR, Pictar only boosts your iPhone’s performance with the settings that it offers that are not readily available on your phone.

Pictar is only available for iPhones 4s-7, but will soon be available for Android models, as well.




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