This 16-year-old artist is making waves in the art world and we’re in awe of her talent

Kayla Gayle Co, a young artist in high school, is definitely cementing her place in the art world with her beautiful art. Her unique art style paired with her love for films and media has lead up to her recreating famous scenes from animated films–from Ghibli to Sailor Moon. And while these are recreations, you can definitely still see her style is still very distinctand definitely present in them.

Kayla is a budding artist who started drawing ever since she picked up a pen when she was 2 years old, according to her mother. Since then, she hasn’t stopped and has created artwork after artwork, starting with princess gowns as a child. She would often ask her mother then what she was good at and her mother had one simple answer: drawing!

Even if Kayla didn’t believe her, we sure do–look at these pieces! Amazing!

Props to you, Kayla! Keep drawing!

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