This 12 Year Old Boy Had Alopecia But This Treatment Helped Him Recover

One of the things kids and teenagers face growing up is body issues. Many are unsatisfied with the way they look and it doesn’t help if they fall outside conventional beauty standards. Even more so if they have a condition like alopecia areata, or hair loss.

Julian, a 12 year old boy, developed alopecia early this year when his mother Joan noticed a bald spot on his head. According to Joan, “It was quite noticeable even from afar. I didn’t worry at first but I sent a picture to my sister, who was with Svenson at the time. Two weeks after and the bald spot was so much more obvious. We met my sister and she sent some pictures to Dr. Myah Robosa of Svenson. That’s the time we got the first diagnosis of Alopecia areata.”

Alopecia occurs when the immune system attacks the hair follicles, causing hair loss. There are different kinds of alopecia, which involves different types of hair loss. Areata is when hair is lost in patches, while totalis attacks all the hair on the scalp. Universalis is the most severe when the person loses all hair on the body.

Julian became very conscious of his condition and became emotionally stressed. Because of it, he covered his head with his hand or a cap, even if he didn’t wear caps.

Joan added, “He was scared at first. He thought the treatment was injection. But after it was explained to us how it’s going to be done, he got excited.”

Svenson is one of the most trusted names that provide advanced hair loss solutions for men and women for over 30 years. They offer many options of treatments depending on the hair and scalp problem. For the initial stages, Svenson strengthens hair roots and stimulates stronger, healthier growth. For advanced baldness, they offer both surgical and non-surgical options, including undetectable hair replacement systems and permanent hair transplantation procedures.

Julian has already had 10 treatments from Svenson and the bald spot can’t be seen anymore. Joan said, “When I showed him the photo of his hair after the fifth treatment he was very happy about it. He’s even the one reminding me to apply the treatment whenever we take one home. I noticed that his confidence is definitely back, he doesn’t need to wear caps anymore.”

Kids and even adults may face body issues but it’s great that companies like Svenson are making things easier for them to manage it. Now, hair loss will be a thing of the past!

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