8 Things to Include in a Care Package For Loved Ones if You Still Don’t Want to Go Out

Care Package

Quarantine restrictions are becoming more relaxed but there are still those who prefer to stay at home. This is a great way to keep safe but that means we miss gatherings like birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. If you want to let people know you’re thinking of them, why not send a care package? This is a nice touch because it lets them know that you care even if you’re not physically around.

In case you’re thinking of putting together a care package, here are some suggested items you can include:

Face masks

More people are going out as quarantine restrictions continue to ease. This is great for the economy (and mental health after being cooped up indoors for a long period of time) but we still need to practice health and safety guidelines. Make sure your loved ones have extra face masks to protect themselves when going out. You can choose to send them washable cloth masks that go with their personality. We’ve seen masks made with beautiful local fabrics, and others featuring Marvel characters and stylish prints. You can also go with stronger ones, such as the KN95 mask, which can filter up to 95% of particles in the air. If you’re feeling generous, go with both!


Pair your gift of face masks with some alcohol. This will be useful for those going out. There are tons of options out there: straightforward isopropyl alcohol to ones that are scented. This is also an opportunity to gift someone depending on their personality. Those who like fragrances will definitely appreciate the scented versions.


Help boost their immune system with some vitamins. No supplement can cure or prevent a disease, but vitamin C can help with immune health. It’s also an antioxidant that protects against damage caused by oxidative stress, which is tied to the accumulation of free radicals (oxidative stress is linked to some diseases). Get them a bottle of vitamin C or load up your care package with fruits such as lemons, lychees, papaya, and oranges.


Super Crunch Prifood

Those who like staying at home during the weekends and binging movies and K-dramas will surely appreciate snacks. Chips are our go-to for a movie or series marathon and we can’t get enough of Prifood’s Super Crunch. We can’t get enough of the corn chips, which give a satisfying crunch with each bite. There are plenty of flavors to choose from, too. The corn chips come in Cheesiest, Tasty Sweet Corn, Cheddar Cheese, and Barbecue. For something smoky, the Nachos variant in Cheese and Barbecue. And if you want something with a local touch, the Chipcharon is made from green peas and is available in Pinoy Bawang, Suka’t Sili, and Lechon Kawali. Simply pour them in a bowl and share (or have them all to yourself, that’s what we do).

Scented candles


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We live in stressful times and we need to relax every now and then. Scented candles can help because aromas can bring up feelings of calmness, energy, or productivity. Fragrances like lavender, chamomile, and rose are known for their relaxing properties. A candle we’ve been eyeing lately is Meridiem, a local brand that describes itself as “lovingly hand-poured in small batches.” Their candles are designed by time. AM is a perfect morning scent, where you can “wake up to the scent of luxurious sun-bleached linen wrapped in lemon and white tea infusions.” NN has notes of “freshly baked banana bread still warm from the oven.” PM is “mysterious and sensual” with its marine fragrance, while MN has “relaxing notes of sage and lavender to soothe your soul.” With these candles, your loved ones may not even want to leave the house.

A book


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The pandemic may have led to increased screen time for many of us. If your loved one has complained about it, why not include a book to entertain them without having to be online? Reading is a simple pleasure that takes you away from the stressful news you may read on social media. It also has other benefits: it strengthens the brain, increases empathy, builds vocabulary, and reduces stress. There are plenty of books to choose from so find something related to their hobbies. There are also a lot of books that are currently being adapted into movies or series. Frank Herbert’s Dune and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman are good examples. There’s also a chance that a film or TV show they enjoyed started as a book.


Is there a quarantine food trend they haven’t tried yet? You can also include that in their care package! If they’ve tried everything, we recommend kiampung from Chef Among the Bons. If you’re not familiar with kiampung, it’s a rice dish similar to fried rice. Chef Among the Bons’ version (called Kimpung), has Japanese rice, chicken, mushrooms, sausage, and dried scallops, then topped with cilantro. There’s a hot version for those who like it spicy, and a skinny one for those who want to substitute with brown rice. If you want something a little more decadent, there’s one with smoked duck and an option to add foie gras. We love Kimpung because it’s yummy and flavorful. You can order the small (good for 2-3 people), the medium (5-6), or the large (8-9).


wim x jinro 5

Do they love drinking alcohol? If they love alcohol, send some bottles of true soju by Jinro to help them destress after a long day of work. If you’re worried that soju might be too strong, Jinro actually uses a special patented bamboo-charcoal filtration process to ensure it goes down smoothly and tastes great. This special process even removes unwanted substances to help minimize bad hangovers. Plus, Jinro soju is available in a wide array of flavors, so there’s definitely something for everyone. Plus points if they’re Kdrama fans because this is the perfect drink for those late-night Kdrama marathons over the weekend.

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