Things To Do In Boracay Beach: Party Island Capital of the Philippines


When In Manila, we all know that the summer party capital is the beautiful island of Boracay! But now, thanks to countless articles from various magazines, websites, publications and TV shows, South East Asia, Europe, America and the world are now slowly finding out about one of the top beach destinations in the world!

We listed down the Top 10 Things To Do in Boracay here –




Other than that, we wanted to also share with you the story of our  most recent visit. I had an good friend of mine, from my college days at San Diego State University, come by to visit me here in the Philippines. Of course, as I usually recommend, I make sure she visited Boracay: the Summer Party Capital of the Philippines!

Our trip started off when I met up with my college buddy Marlina (of at the airport. She’s a jetsetter who just flew in from Palawan and decided to just crash at the airport:




Sadly, our flight was cancelled due to the bad weather but fortunately, the Cebu Pacific staff was able to book us on the next flight out of there. It turned out that ALL flights were cancelled that day due to the bad weather except for two that were able to sneak into the clouds. Our flight was one of those two. So I guess you can say our trip started out on the lucky track!

Even on the flight we could see the dark clouds around, but again with our stroke of luck, we were able to find patches in the sky enough to see the beautiful islands we were headed towards:


Boracay-Philippines-White-Sand-Beach-Best-Vacation-Spot-Asia-Manila-WhenInManila-193 Boracay-Philippines-White-Sand-Beach-Best-Vacation-Spot-Asia-Manila-WhenInManila-206



Upon arrival, despite the gloomy weather, we were still excited that our flight pushed through and that we were able to land safely without a hitch.




This is where booking our hotel through really came in handy! Right as we exited the airport we saw our guide from the hotel waiting for us right there. They confirmed with us that only two flights pushed through that day! What I also really liked was how our hotel went the extra mile to make sure they were at the airport when we got there. Apparently they made their calls to the airports and airlines to find out which flight we were diverted to after finding out our first flight was cancelled.




So our hotel guide escorted us from the port to the hotel. Of course, every inch of the islands are beautiful and we had to start taking photos of everything!


Boracay-Philippines-White-Sand-Beach-Best-Vacation-Spot-Asia-Manila-WhenInManila-217 Boracay-Philippines-White-Sand-Beach-Best-Vacation-Spot-Asia-Manila-WhenInManila-219



It wasn’t long before we arrived at our hotel, The District Boracay! Again, highly recommended you book through for great discounts and to find the perfect hotel locations for you.

Our hotel, The District Boracay, was so nice that I had to make a separate post for it. You can see more photos of our hotel here –







We settled in quickly to our hotel and came out running! We had so much to do in Boracay and so little time!


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