Thieves Rob Elementary School Students’ Phones at Knifepoint in New Modus

Thieves Rob Elementary School Students’ Phones at Knifepoint in New Modus


If you have  a child, nephew, niece, cousin, brother or sister, please do tell them to watch out! 

A new set of reports has indicated that thieves and low-live-scumbags are now targeting young kids to get their cellphones and belongings. 

In one incident, an unidentified man approached a group of elementary school students and informed them that they were making too much noise and had to go with them to the “Barangay” (town) offices. The students, being unknowing kids around the age of 10-12, simply went with the adult, thinking he was an authority figure. Reports say that this adult even had a fake “Barangay” (town) Official ID card. 

Upon following the man, he leads them to an alley, where another group of men jump the kids! 

Please inform your children that they are to NEVER go with strangers anywhere! Inform them to approach a school official or their school guard if any incidents like this happens! 

Sadly, the children involved in cases like this suffer long tern psychiatric problems. Many have reported that they have problems sleeping or being alone, some parents even say their children shake uncontrollably at times and are often very scared after something like this. 


Thieves Rob Elementary School Students Phones at Knifepoint in New Modus


photo from ABSCBN “Modus ng mga holdaper, elementary students ang target” story


Please inform your friends and family about this new modus. 


Thieves Rob Elementary School Student’s Phones at Knifepoint in New Modus