Thief Steals Motorcycle in Less Than Two Minutes

Thief Steals Motorcycle in Less Than Two Minutes

Motorcycle Owner Loses His Vehicle in Less Than Two Minutes

You can never be too careful in the Philippines. Today, criminals are getting more confident in robbing or stealing from people, regardless of time and location. It is now as easy to rob someone at gunpoint in an upscale mall as it is in the bad side of town in the middle of the night.

Take this video from Carnapped PH as an example. An unidentified man is seeing tinkering with a motorcycle in an open garage. The footage was recorded from a CCTV camera, and it sees the guy trying to start the motorcycle with a little tool. He does this while watching the house. Every now and then, passersby would glance at the man, but they were probably thinking he was the owner and was simply having a hard time starting his bike. That would probably be the immediate thought as the thief was trying to steal it in broad daylight.

In less than two minutes, he managed to start the motorcycle, pull it back on the road, and quickly ride away.

Watch the full video below:



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Thief Steals Motorcycle in Less Than Two Minutes

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