Thief Steals Car Mirror in Broad Daylight in Quezon City and Sells It Back to Owner an Hour Later

Whenever your walking down the streets of Banawe, Quiapo, Divisoria, Binondo, etc… there would often be people on the sidewalk selling a variety of gadgets and the like. Cellphones, wallets, jewelry, etc. Most of the things they sell look pretty nice, but are unboxed. For those of you unaware of this, most of the items sold by the sidewalk are probably stolen goods. While you can definitely find something a lot cheaper here, please remember that these items were stolen from its rightful owners.

Just yesterday, Minnie E. shares her horrifying experience along Araneta Avenue. Take this as a warning to everyone.

Stolen side mirror

“Today I had a scary incident along ARANETA AVENUE near Quezon Ave. There was this man who started to open my car door fortunately I always lock the doors specially when I am alone. He wouldn’t leave then suddenly he stole my side mirror. I could not believe it.This all happened around 2 pm with so many cars around me TRAFFIC WAS HORRIBLE. NO one could help me. I was screaming at him but he looked so scary. He showed me a long knife. he disappeared and i was so glad he didn’t hurt me . it was a scary and helpless feeling. So upset. I could not drive well without the side mirror. After only one hour, off I went to Banawe to buy a side mirror . lo and behold I was paying 1000 pesos for my very own mirror. Frustrating. But I was glad I was not hurt

We are glad Ms. Minnie was not hurt as well, but we can only imagine how frightened she must have been during the entire ordeal. Moreover, to see her own side mirror on display just one hour after. We sure hope something can be done about this before anyone gets hurt.

Ever had a similar experience in this area or else where? Do share so we may properly warn others.


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