Thezzy Chan Offers Yummy Tan Tan Noodles for You and Yummy Cupcakes for Your Dogs

It’s so easy to find delicious food online nowadays, but do you know any online businesses that cater to both you and your furry pets?

Thezzy Chan is a single mom and self-confessed workaholic. When she started craving for tan tan noodles during the Enhanced Community Quarantine in May, her creativeness and resourcefulness soared high. She ended up doing some research to make her own tan tan noodles and when her friends started asking about them on her Instagram posts, she eventually became confident enough to sell them online.

Thezzy Chan Tan Tan Noodles 3

Photo from Thezzy Chan

What I love the most about Thezzy as a person and as a cook is that she is incredibly passionate about tan tan noodles. I honestly haven’t met anyone who spoke so energetically and enthusiastically about noodles before, but I feel like this is one of the reasons why her food is so good to begin with. Her passion and love for it really shines through.

Thezzy shares that tan tan noodles are very popular in Taiwan. You can eat them at the night market or at local eateries. Tan tan noodles, also known as dan dan mien or dan dan noodles, originated in Sichuan, China; but Thezzy points out that their version is usually too spicy for the Filipino palate. As such, she has adjusted her food to suit Filipino tongues more. In fact, she makes it a point to ask her customers how spicy they want their noodles; and if you can’t take spicy food at all, Thezzy can make a sauce without anything spicy in it at all.

Thezzy Chan Tan Tan Noodles 2

Photo from Thezzy Chan

Thezzy puts a lot of hard work into this passion project of hers by waking up at 4:30AM every morning since all of her ingredients to make the sauce are made from scratch. She does not mass produce anything or keep them in the freezer, and she even makes her own chili oil! “It’s a lot of hard work,” she admits, “but I enjoy doing the plating work and making sure there’s a nice presentation in each and every bowl that comes out of my kitchen.”

Thezzy Chan Tan Tan Noodles 1

Photo from Thezzy Chan

Thezzy also learned how to bake during quarantine, and another product of hers that I absolutely love is her Liver Banana Pupcakes! That’s right. She offers cupcakes for your doggos, which you can order for them when you order your noodles. Both of my dogs loved them and even fought over one once. Haha. Too cute!

Thezzy delivers her food for free in the New Manila area with a minimum of three orders. Those who live elsewhere will need to arrange for their own pickup. She cooks and bakes depending on when their customers want their food to ensure that they receive nothing but the best quality – and I am here to vouch to the deliciousness and quality of her products… and not just me. If my dogs could talk, they’d probably vouch for it, too. :p

All photos from Thezzy Chan.

Thezzy Chan

Instagram: @thezzy117

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