They Don’t Have To Be Naked: 4 Ways To Rock At Public Speaking

You don’t have to imagine the audience naked. That could even lead to more awkward and terrifying situations! The next time you have to deliver a presentation or you’re talking to a large crowd, here are easy ways to ace that engagement.


4. Always write an outline of what to say.

Writing key words on a small index card, or any piece of paper that fits in your hand always helps. It can jog your memory whenever you forget to say something.

3. Rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse!

The speakers who sound more natural are the ones who rehearsed. Go over your slides, and try timing yourself while practicing. It will give you more or less an idea of how fast to go and whether you need to cut some material out, especially when you’re speaking under a time limit.

2. Focus on a member of an audience at a time.

Instead of trying to imagine your audience as rocks or in their underwear (yikes!), try focusing on a member of an audience at a time and try to connect with that individual — it will help you come across as more sincere. Start from the left side of the audience, then the middle and to the right so you cover the entire area.

1. Dress the part.

Ever heard of “Fake it ’til you make it”? Even if you’re nervous as heck going up on stage, you need to look like you’re someone the audience trusts to give them information. Dress smartly and with impact! As soon as you’re dressed like someone who inspires people, you’ll feel like it too.

Got any other tips for public speaking? Let us know!


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