These Women Received Positive Reviews on Their Proudly Pinoy Products’ US Launch

Female entrepreneurs Mary Jane Ong and Rosalina Tan were recently featured in a US television show, HSN’s The Big Find, where they proudly presented their 100% Filipino brand for its unique values – Pili Ani. The Big Find broadcasts in the US featuring exclusive products around the world. Out of 2,400 entries from 60 countries, Pili Ani emerged as one of the chosen emerging companies to showcase its products in one of the largest video commerce platforms.

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Mary Jane shared how Pili Ani’s founder and her mother Rosalina instantly fell in love with the Pili tree, an endemic to the Philippines, not only for the Pili nut that is known to be a superfood but also for its skincare benefits. Apparently, the oil extracted from its bark and pulp was not only meant for hilot, kati-kati, and pilay that Filipinos used it for in the old days.

Watch Pili Ani’s Journey to HSN US below:

Pili and Elemi are the two main ingredients of Pili Ani’s products which gives them both moisturizing and firming properties. The two organic ingredients are also antibacterial and rich in antioxidants. This is why the host loved it so much, constantly praising it throughout the show, highlighting its instant results that “gets better every time,” and how it’s suitable for all skin types and ages.

Know more about the skincare benefits of the Pili tree in the video below:

The name “Pili Ani” was derived from its literal Filipino meaning – “choose” and “harvest” – which reflects their passion for the Philippine tree. According to Mary Jane and Rosalina, their brand advocates more than the use of organic beauty products, their bigger mission is to be able to support our local farmers. They hope to showcase their Pili and Elemi oil products which are only found in the Philippines to the whole world and their journey just began.

Know more about Pili Ani here.

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