These themed rooms can help spice up your romantic staycation

As Valentine’s Day draws near, romance starts to fill the air around us. If you and your partner don’t have plans leaving the metro, and you just want to cozy up and have a staycation, these themed rooms can do the trick in spicing up your romantic getaway. Head to any of these after you fill up from that candlelit dinner.

Hardcourt at Victoria Court Hillcrest (Pasig)

Show your baller skills and take it to the rack in Hardcourt at Victoria Court Hillcrest (Pasig). Choose your move whether it’s a euro step, fade away three, crossover, or slam dunk. Just don’t get caught traveling.

This spacious suite room comes with a garage, jacuzzi, karaoke, and even a mini basketball court. A perfect hang out for every basketball fan, especially when watching finals basketball games.

Playground in Victoria Court Hillcrest (Pasig)

Bored to go to the gym? Burn some calories the fun way at Playground in Victoria Court Hillcrest (Pasig). Ready to get your sweat on?

Trailer in Victoria Court Malabon

Electrify your romantic celebration at Trailer in Victoria Court Malabon. Stay vibrant and #MakeItPop.

Kyoto Deluxe room in Victoria Court Malate

Konichiwa! Have a night of ja-fun in the Kyoto Deluxe room in Victoria Court Malate.

Knockout in Victoria Court North Edsa

Strong enough to finish a 12 rounder? Build up sweat and intensity at Knockout in Victoria Court North Edsa.

Play the Fantasy. Enjoy the #GamesAtVictoria. Watch our country’s finals boxing matches airing today at the comfort of our Knockout Suite.

Enchanted Rose in Victoria Court Balintawak

Will you come for a life of adventure or perhaps a tale of beauty and love? Will you break the spell of the Enchanted Rose?

GOAL Football Suite at Victoria Court Las Piñas

No hesitation, finds the bottom corner, #GOAL! Experience the same euphoria likened to a striker scoring for a team in GOAL football suite at Victoria Court Las Piñas.

Batcave Party Suite in Victoria Court Malate

Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there? Traffic is no joke. If all you have are negative thoughts about the coming Valentine’s Day, here’s the perfect venue for you! Be the hero and book your V-Day staycation in the Batcave Party Suite Victoria Court Malate.

Jenga-inspired Deluxe Room in Victoria Court Gil Puyat

JENGA! This game inspired Deluxe Room in Victoria Court Gil Puyat should help you get your game on Valentine’s Day, what are you waiting for?

Bikini Bar at Victoria Court Panorama (Pasig)

Join the undersea adventure of the inseparable duo and now Keanu in Bikini Bar at Victoria Court Panorama (Pasig).

Checkmate Deluxe room at Victoria Court San Fernando

There are an estimated 10,100,000 possible scenarios a chess game can play out but only one to satisfy your queen.

Make it bold, calculated, or even spontaneous. Choose your strategy in Checkmate Deluxe room at Victoria Court San Fernando. Whatever you choose, the most important is to treat her like a queen who deserves nothing less.

Power Up Deluxe Room in Victoria Court Hillcrest (Pasig)

It’s not level complete until you raise that flag! The world’s favorite blue jumpsuit wearing plumber jumps his way to Victoria Court with a highly interactive Power Up deluxe room in Victoria Court Hillcrest (Pasig). The 8-bit sounds when pressing blocks, coins, or mushrooms will surely make you hum the nostalgic tune we all know.

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