These Students Created Free Coloring Books for Kids Stuck at Home

With the emergence of many community pantries all over the country, a group of students from Rizal decided to share something other than food. They started a project called “Coloring Book Hub” wherein they created original coloring books and gave them for free to kids stuck at home in their area.


Photo from Christian Angelo Rafon

Christian Angelo Rafon, the founder of the Coloring Book Hub, shared that the project was an idea that stemmed from the community pantry. They wanted to start something that catered more to the kids. So, they decided to create coloring books that were based on inspiring stories about the quarantine.

Some of the coloring book titles include Tanging Hiling ni Ningning, Munting Paalala ni Nena, Ang Tatay kong Frontliner, and Espesyal na Kaarawan.

coloringbookhub 3

Photo from Christian Angelo Rafon

The group also figured that these coloring books will help keep children stay at home while they learn and practice their art skills.

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So far, the Coloring Book Hub has distributed more than 1000 coloring books to children. Rafon also shares with WhenInManila.com that some parents from other parts of the country have asked for softcopies of the books so that they can also share them in other areas.

coloringbookhub 2

Photo from Christian Angelo Rafon

Rafon also credits the Supreme Student Government of Baras Pinugay Phase2 National High School, its administrators, teachers, and alumni, as well as the Sangguniang Kabataan of Brgy. Pinugay for their collaborative efforts that led to a successful project.

If you want to support this project and help bring original coloring books to more children, you may send a message to the official Facebook page of DepEd Tayo Rizal – Baras-Pinugay Phase 2 National High School.

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