These 16 sausage dishes are some of the best (and not the wurst) we’ve ever tried

Photos from Lasap Manila, Sooshy’s PH, Jilliana’s ANTWE, and Quisina 

There’s nothing heartier than a sausage. With its snappy casing, rich flavors, and the variety it comes in, there is no sweeter, er,  more savory snack than a sausage. Eat it on bread, with rice, with sauerkraut, or just by itself, it’s such a flavor bomb that it’s either the star or the whole package on its own. We love ’em cheesy, spiced, or just delicious. Order up!

Here are 16 sausages from different brands that we most definitely recommend (and a few dishes that went deliciously with them).

16. Hungarian sausage (Lasap Manila)

The Hungarian sausage from Lasap was everything I’d ever wanted in a sausage. The case had a perfect snap, the interior was juicy and spicy, and it made me feel like I was dressed to the nines eating a fancy sausage platter in a restaurant by the sea (pre-COVID, of course, let’s all be safe here). Juicy doesn’t even begin to describe it–you know how some hotdogs and all can dry out and become gritty? This was far from it. It was a good chew and so good, I had to go for seconds.

It went perfectly with a hit of mustard or even their absolutely delicious white garlic sauce. It was like tasting a medley of the best (Hungarian) grocery ingredients money could buy.

They even have a version with cheese. This deliciousness plus cheese? It’s like the universe wants me to just eat these for the rest of my life.

Look at the cheese…

15. Beef kebab (Lasap Manila)

The beef kebab is uncomplicated: Beefy and hearty, a mouthwatering piece of meat that is simply delectable. Kebabs are a little more toothsome than sausage but I found that this just added to the allure of the dish, its chewiness an excuse to linger longer in my mouth. It went very very well with the garlic sauce, reminiscent of a true kebab. All we were missing was the rice!

14. Lil’ smoked sausages (Lasap Manila)

These guys were so cute and the absolute perfect bite. They were sweet but still had that savoriness in the undercurrent that made me fork another one onto my plate. They make for the perfect mouthful and you can easily catch yourself wolfing down at least 20 before you even know it. They’re like chips–the bag’s gone before you even realize!

13. Deli cheese franks (Lasap Manila)

These cheese franks brought me back to my childhood, waking up at the crack of dawn to a humble cheesedog breakfast before going to elementary school. It was that warm fuzzy food memory but elevated. It tasted like a nostalgic hit of flavor that took it up a notch. It was warm and cheesy and everything I wanted out of breakfast, served poignantly with garlic rice.

These franks were also especially delicious with their laing which was creamy and just the right amount of spicy.

Lasap Manila, which started during the pandemic (woah!), focuses on easy-to-prepare gourmet food that is both delicious and uncomplicated. They’ve partnered with chefs and restaurant owners to really capitalize on flavor (take their laing for example, they partnered with a cook who specializes in it to bring the taste of Bicol to the table) and expand beyond just sausages. Watch out for their dimsum and seafood, too!

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12. Taiwanese sausage (Sooshy’s)

The Taiwanese sausages had this smokiness to them that I really enjoyed and didn’t expect. I thought they’d be much sweeter, but was pleasantly surprised at the savoriness they packed. They were also very meaty, they didn’t skimp on the filling at all. They seemed ready to burst out of the casing. Because of this, they were all moist and a great way to start the day.

11. Artisan sausage (Sooshy’s)

These were the most versatile of the bunch–we turned them into corn dogs, ate them with bread, ate them with rice, you name it. These franks were simply delicious and perfect for hotdog night. This is, what I would say, what people would first imagine when they think franks or artisan sausages or hotdogs. They’re juicy and filling and, even if you’re full, you’ll bargain for another.

10. Skinless longganisa (Sooshy’s)

Longganisa? Most definitely a sausage. And the best kind: A breakfast sausage. It was sticky and sweet in the best of ways, developing a great crust when fried which only amplified that sweet flavor. Despite its stickiness, it wasn’t gummy nor did it stick to our teeth. We had to fight over the last few pieces because they were so good and addicting. Definitely the kind of breakfast you’d only order for yourself (well, maybe share with your crush, but even then…).

These sausages by Sooshy’s Curations were put together because of how easy to cook sausages are but how much promise they have. And did they deliver on that promise? Most definitely! Everything was a hit. You can have these all day or save them for the most sacred of meals: Breakfast. Or snack time. Or at 3 AM when you don’t want to share the longganisa with anyone.

9. Chili (Quisina)

We know, technically not a sausage but it’s too good not to put on the list. It’s savory, it’s comforting, there’s cheese in it–omg. Just perfect ratio of meat to beans to sauce that it’s mouthwatering. So technically it’s like a deconstructed sausage (there’s cheese in sausage sometimes!) that’s absolutely crave-worthy. And it’s so easy to prepare, too! Just, according to them, “heat and eat!”

Quisina stands for “quick in the kusina” for those who are constantly on-the-go. Say you have 3 back-to-back calls and a meeting after–no time to play Snow White in the kitchen. Why not go for these quick but still delicious meals for those hectic days?



8. Jalapeño sausage (ANTWE)

A jalapeño sausage sounds different but it’s a good different. This was such a nice way to change things up with a little more direct heat. The jalapeño wasn’t too overpowering, though, and all the flavors went nicely with each other. So good.

7. Sweet garlic (ANTWE)

Sweet garlic sausages bring me the taste of home, to the alluring scent of crisped garlic in a pan before rice is added on, effectively making the Filipino’s favorite breakfast staple: garlic rice. The garlic didn’t have too much of a bite, just a sweetness to it that really embraced the palate. This was my favorite one from ANTWE.

6. Longganisa (ANTWE)

Again, there’s really nothing like longganisa in the morning. It’s something I’ll truly never get tired of! And the best part is that all ANTWE products are healthy crafted meats that don’t skimp on flavor, so you don’t have to worry too much about the scale while still getting that full punch of juiciness.

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5. Chicken sausage (Jilliana’s)

The phrase “tastes like chicken” has never resonated with me harder than with this sausage–and only in the best way. It felt like a nice, lean sausage, a great source of protein without breaking the bank. It was yummy and went well with some classic ketchup and mustard.

4. Sweet sausage (Jilliana’s)

As the name implies, this sausage was quite sweet but still had that smoky aftertaste I like–likely from the garlic. It was seasoned well, the casing was nice and snappy, and it had all of us grabbing another bite. We definitely enjoyed this one as it was a nice counterpoint to all the other more savory options. This definitely goes well in a set of spicier sausages and we’re glad we tried them together!

3. Italian sausage (Jilliana’s)

This sausage charred very well when cooked, giving it that smokiness that I love. It was also on the sweeter side and made me think of a patio overlooking Venice (I have never been to Venice, but it is definitely what came to mind). A good balance of flavors, it was a hearty, yummy meal that we ended the day with. (Pro-tip: It goes amazing with cheese and wine)

2. Hungarian sausage (Jilliana’s)

Another one of the Hungarian variety, Jilliana’s Hungarian sausage really stepped up to the plate. It was not shy about its garlicy notes nor its spice and the texture of the sausage was the perfect balance of firm and crumbly when cooked. It would have been decidedly the best of the bunch if not for…

1. Hungarian with cheese (Jilliana’s)

Spicy with cheesy? How can you go wrong! It’s everything you want in a Hungarian sausage but with cheese inside. It’s got that bit of heat, the saltiness from the cheese, and the smokiness that sausages are known for. Truly great with a side of sauerkraut and a warm family table. It was Hungarian but elevated. This was a knockout from Jilliana’s! Kudos!

Jilliana’s started in 2019 when a husband-wife duo decided to take hotdog matters into their own hands (many were too processed for their liking) and began to train to make ones that suited their taste.

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These 16 sausage dishes are homeruns in my eyes, to be totally… frank. Puns aside, give ’em a try!

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