These Photos Will Show Us Why Anne and Erwan Are The Cutest!

Anne Curtis and Erwan Heusaff didn’t just win each other’s hearts. They also won the love of many Filipinos just like us who could only aspire a relationship as romantic as theirs.

I mean, it’s just impossible to scroll through social media without coming across a photo of the two of them looking perfectly in love with each other. Let’s not forget Erwan’s lengthy message two days ago for Anne’s birthday and how he couldn’t wait to see her in that white dress.

Well, let’s all take a short trip down to memory lane and have a look back at some photos that will show us why these two lovebirds are indeed the cutest!

Welcome to Melbourne Mon Amour ❤️ #ANNEventuresAustralia

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Grab a copy on the @inquirersuper today for the #superrefraid and a playdate with this zoo

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Oh yeah, it’s not Anne and Erwan, but we think it’s still worth including. Right?

I feel old @annecurtissmith circa 2011

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And last but not the least, our current favorite until the big day – the “just got engaged” photo.

Je t'aime mon amour ❤️ @erwanheussaff

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Well, we’re sure there are more exciting things in store for these two! Just like Erwan, we can’t wait to see Anne in her white dress too!

Do you also think they’re the cutest? Tell us in the comments.


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