These Locally Made Cakes from Pavlova MNL are Delicious and Insta-worthy

Words by: Leika Golez

We’re always in the mood for cake, especially when it’s a classic pavlova. Though it seems like such a light and simple dessert, finding the perfect pavlova is challenging. Pavlovas have to be fresh, photogenic, and above all, tasty without being too overpowering. If this matches your criteria, then you should give Pavlova MNL a try! Here are a few reasons why:

Fresh fruits are used

Needless to say, topping cakes with canned fruits is a big no-no. Fortunately, Pavlova MNL takes the natural route to ensure their customers quality. The bakery’s best seller is the strawberry pavlova, but you can also choose to change the fruit toppings to your liking, like mangoes, kiwis, and passion fruits. Regardless of your preferences though, all fruits used will definitely be fresh.

The 8-inch cakes are priced at P850 with Baguio strawberries, while cakes with imported strawberries cost P1250. 

They’re perfect for pictures

Nothing beats the elegance of these pavlovas. Just looking at them will make your mouth water. That said, it’s a great cake to bring to special events like birthdays! For sure, it will turn heads at your party, and it can also be a great addition to your Instagram feed. If you’re into taking super cute pictures, I recommend buying the mini pavlovas at P1250 for every dozen!

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They’re simply delicious!

Cakes have a reputation of being too sweet, but this one is an exception. The outer shell is light and crispy, while the inside is soft and fluffy. Both the flavors and textures are completely balanced, so you’ll be addicted in no time.

Thinking of giving this tasty treat a try? You can simply text your order to their number below. Pick-ups will be available every day except Sundays, from 12nn to 7pm. Make sure to let us know what you think!

Pavlova MNL

Number: 0998 984 9879

Instagram: @pavlova_mnl


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