These Korean Burgers Are Perfect for Your Next K-Drama Marathon

Watching tons of K-Drama during the lockdown makes us crave Korean food. Since we already have our go-to samgyupsal places and a stack of instant ramyun, McDonald’s now brings us their limited-edition “Taste of Korea Burgers” to add to our marathon food choices!


Rewarding & Exciting…
McDonald’s “Taste of Korea Burgers”
Satisfies your K-Cravings and make you…

Posted by Eastwood City on Sunday, April 4, 2021

Mcdo’s Taste of Korea 2021 menu consists of their K-Chicken burger and K-Beef burger for an ala carte price of 160 pesos each or 206 pesos per meal (with medium fries and drink). Sharing with the family? You may also order the Ultimate Burger McShare (Php 499) that comes with 3 burgers and medium drinks of your choice, plus 1 BFF fries!

Taste of Korea

Ang K-sarap na hanap is now at McDo. Try our NEW McDonald’s Taste of Korea lineup today! Order via! #SaranghaeyoKoTo!

Posted by McDonald’s on Sunday, April 4, 2021

Did you know that the Shake Shake Fries also now comes in Honey Butter flavor? Meanwhile, for dessert, you may also try the limited-edition Strawberry Banana Sundae which is perfect to beat the summer heat!
Check out Mcdonald’s Taste of Korea 2021 menu on their website and order there now or through delivery apps!
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