These Illustrations of Filipino Heroes As Harry Potter Wizards Are Actually Magical

Whenever the 12th of June comes by, we Pinoys always have so much energy–not just because of the celebration of our Independence Day, but because netizens always have the wittiest ideas to share on social media about things that are truly Pinoy.

Since a few years ago, the annual #RP612Fic hashtag party would bombard social media with all kinds of hilarious reimaginations of what life might’ve been during our ancestors’ fight for freedom.

One of these reimaginations was the answer to a simple question: what if wizards–as in Harry Potter types of wizards–existed during the revolution?

Artist Jesie Castro illustrated what he thought these wizards would look like, and what their names would be. The results were hilariously accurate.

emiliord voldemortPhoto from Overheard Comics

Emiliord Voldemort

harrizal potterPhoto from Overheard Comics

Harrizal Potter

albus bonifacioPhoto from Overheard Comics

Albus Bonifacio

antonio luna lovegoodPhoto from Overheard Comics

Antonio Luna Lovegood

nymphadora aquinoPhoto from Overheard Comics

Nymphadora Aquino aka. TanTonks Sora

gilderoy lakandulaPhoto from Overheard Comics

Gilderoy Lakandula

While these illustrations were posted last year on the Facebook page Overheard Comics, it’s actually still really funny. Plus, who wouldn’t want some good Harry Potter stuff on their timelines?

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You can check out more of these awesome and witty illustrations here.

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