These Ice Cream-Based Treats Just Stole our Hearts Away

If there’s one thing in the world I would love to eat until the end of time, it would be none other than…ICE CREAM! May it be someone’s birthday, food trip day, a not-so-good day, or just another ordinary day, this sweet delight is really just perfect for any occasion. And now that it’s summer time, it’s definitely the perfect treat to beat the heat!

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To all you foodies out there looking for some frozen goodness, Chibi Chibi Soft Serve might just satisfy your cravings. Inspired by the Koreans’ innovation of the Japanese Taiyaki or pancake sandwich, the shop is famous for serving ice cream in Taiyaki cones. Aside from these, Chibi Chibi Soft Serve also offers various desserts, all basking in the goodness of ice cream.

Here are some of their must trys:

5. Taiyaki Cones

Chibi Chibi Soft Serve_Nutella Smore

Chibi Chibi Soft Serve_Verry Merry Strawberry

Chibi Chibi Soft Serve offers six different combinations of Taiyaki cones with a price ranging from P80 – P130. Among these, Nutella smore (P130) is the best seller. The ice cream and chocolate duo may look too sweet, but the fish-shaped sandwich cone neutralizes the taste. Another recommended Taiyaki cone is the Verry Merry Strawberry (P130).

4. Caramel Popcorn Cup

Chibi Chibi Soft Serve_Caramel Popcorn

The six combinations of ice cream in Taiyaki cones are also available in cups with a price range of P60 – P130. We got to try Caramel Popcorn (P120) and it was really sulit! The cup overflows with soft serve ice cream, sweet butter popcorn, and caramel syrup enough for more than one person. You can also pick your own toppings with the customized ice cream cup just as in the Taiyaki cones.

3. Ichigo Pink Float & Midori Apple Float

Chibi Chibi Soft Serve_Floats

In Japanese, Ichigo can be translated to ‘strawberry’ while Midori stands for ‘green.’ These fruit-flavored drinks are served ice-cold with fresh strawberries or apple slices and soft-serve ice cream on top. Quench your thirst with these refreshing floats for only fifty pesos (P50) each.

2. Fried Oreo in Ice Cream

Chibi Chibi Soft Serve_Fried Oreos in Ice Cream

Skip diet day and indulge in fried Oreo goodness (P130)! This dessert is served in a Martini glass with 3 pieces of fried Oreos bathed with chocolate syrup and dipped in ice cream.  It’s perfect for sharing especially with friends or a special someone!

1. Hana Ice Cream Pot

Chibi Chibi Soft Serve_Hana Ice Cream Pot

Among the ice cream desserts, this Hana Ice Cream Pot is my personal favorite. It’s soft-serve ice cream topped with cookie bits, strawberry, and candy. There’s also a sweet surprise of fudge brownie submerged in the ice cream. Overall, I love how the toppings and brownie mix together to produce a cookies-and-cream-like flavor with a cakey twist. Plus, the presentation of the pots is also perfect for your Instagram aesthetic. You can buy these Hana Ice Cream Pots in solo (P100) or for sharing (P160).

Want to beat the heat with these desserts? Head on to Chibi Chibi Soft Serve at The Station Food Park in 178 Maginhawa Street. They are open from 4 PM until 12 AM during Mondays to Thursdays and from 4 PM to 2 AM on Fridays to Sundays.

Chibi Chibi Soft Serve

178 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

Words by Claudine Regino
Photos by Jules Gapuz
Video by Quin Astilla


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