These graduates celebrated in the most millennial way: sending each other photos on airdrop

It’s that time of the year again: graduation season! Aside from the grad photos, long thank-you posts, and unemployment Tweets, there’s one more thing that always fills our timelines — the creative ways graduates choose to celebrate. From senior pranks to creative caps, graduates never seem to run out tricks to amuse us.

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Last weekend, De La Salle University held its commencement exercises for the College of Liberal Arts. During a lull in the ceremony, students started congratulating each other. Only their form of congratulations wasn’t in the typical face-to-face way. Instead, they started airdropping photos to any phone that was accepting photos (from contacts and non-contacts alike).

Trey Remulla, the Political Science graduate who started the trend, tweeted:

people airdropping each other congratulation photos here at the dlsu graduation is the real spirit of animo.

Trey shared to us that:

This started around the time people were marching to get their “diplomas” since it took a while. People started using their phones, so I decided to send congrats messages and I just kept getting them back! Then eventually even my seat mates were getting messages from different people.

He also said that he was sent a large number of photos but unfortunately only saved the ones he tweeted about. Here are some of the photos:

This guy even got his seatmate in on the gimmick:

This is such a cute grad pic:

Very lozol: 

And of course, the one who started it all:

(This Filipina from an Isabela tribe graduated summa cum laude from NYU!)

From a fellow Lasallian alumna, congratulations graduates! 

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