These fashionista puppers have “New Rules” and they count ’em

I’ve got new rules, I count ‘em. ?????IG: @jack_and_the_tzus

Posted by Zeus Jack on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Move on over, Dua Lipa! There’s no question of who wore it better here!

These 6 adorable little puppers are indeed stealing the show with their rendition of the New Rules music video. Where many people have tried to imitate and one-up the now meme-status video featuring a bathrobe-clad Dua Lipa and her dynamic group of girlfriends, these adorable dogs have truly stolen our hearts! Just look at that form.

Jack, Zeus, Hera, Angel, Iya, and Ming are here to school us on their new rules.

These little fashionistas are the clear winners here. And they don’t just stop at New Rules. They’ve even jazzed it up with their holiday garb on their official Instagram account! More power to you lovely canines!

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What kind of rules do you think these puppers would make? Let us know!

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