These Exes Played A Game Of Truth Or Drink And It Got Emotional

In case you haven’t seen it yet, one of our favorite film outfits, Watch Cut, has released yet another series of exes playing truth or drink, and as you’d expect, interesting things were bound to come out.

Basically, each ex takes a card, and either they answer truthfully (or do the dare, depending on what’s written on the card), or take a shot instead.

Yet between pretty amusing cuts of awkward hook-ups and hilarious memories, one particular pair (or should we say, ex-pair?) stood out.

Tony and Sofya lived together for four years, and it’s clear that the two were in a really serious relationship. At the beginning of the video, Sofya prefaces their former relationship by saying, “We used to date”, while Tony vehemently objects.

Sofya: “We used to date.”

Tony: “Is dating the right word?”

Sofya: “Yeah, I think so.”

Tony: “We LIVED together! For four years.”

So yeah, serious.

And really, all seems well between them with no love lost. Tony even says with all sincerity, “Her new boyfriend looks awesome.”

Dares come up at certain points like taking off a body shot, or kissing the ex on the mouth, which Tony all refuses, saying “You have a boyfriend. I respect this gentleman.”

All seemed to go smoothly, until a card hits Tony with the question, “When did you know it was over?” and BOY, did the feels come out.

Watch the video for more.

Thoughts on this? Were you able to relate?


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