These cute ~aesthetic~ kitchen gadgets and accessories will take your IG foodie game to the next level

Ever watched those Japanese bento videos where they make the cutest characters out of food? Or maybe just food styling videos where everything looks ~aesthetic~? Have you always wanted to have an IG feed full of adorable-looking/beautiful treats? Look no further. This coming 9.9 sale, treat yourself with Lazada’s help.

Here are some super cute finds for the perfect ~cute aesthetic~.

7. Rice mold for cute meals

Rice mold

Look at how adorable the rice is shaped PLUS how the ulam fits perfectly into the mouth area. It’s definitely one way to dress up your dishes to look more eye-catching. Just make sure your seaweed-cutting skills are up to par!

Buy it here.

6. Self-stirring mug

self stirring mug

This is so cute and funny at the same time, it’s like it’s announcing to the world what it is. And it’s pretty darn amazing! Just look up the videos of self-stirring mugs and you’ll see what I’m talking about. This is your best friend when it comes to those lazy mornings.

But it here.

5. Animal paw glass mug

cat paw glass mug

Maybe you’re a cat person. Maybe you’re a dog person. Either way, this is perfect for you. This cute glass mug sports a golden paw with cute accents around it and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Sleek and pretty, you can put anything in it and the gold will shine on. Imagine your beautiful photos holding this, leaning against a couch, with a warm glass of milk in hand. IG-worthy.

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4. Cute Japanese sauce bowls

japanese sauce bowls

You know what everyone loves? Mini things. Miniatures. These are exactly that. They look like big pots but they’re actually tiny and meant for sauce. So cute! I want these for all my sauces–soy, garlic, vinegar, everything.

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3. Cute garlic grinder

grinding machine

Goodbye, garlic fingers! And goodbye in a cutie way with these perfect spherical garlic grinders. They also cut up other food like chili or even meat if you want! Their precious wooden knobs are a perfect contrast to their matte colors. You’ll definitely be grinding in style.

Buy it here.

2. Embossing rolling pin

embossing rolling pin

Beautiful bread is a thing–and we love it. Instead of giving up on your knife work forever and tossing in the towel, use this embossing rolling pin instead. Roll your dough with it and see the patterns emboss themselves into the dough! You’ll have the most intricate patterns on your next bake.

Buy it here.

1. Egg and rice mold

egg mold

Ever wanted your food to look like other food for the cuteness factor? This mold is great, too! It can mold hard-boiled eggs or even rice (or anything you want to be adventurous about, really). Watch your perfect hard-boiled egg transform from a boring oval into a cute little fish or car. So cute!

Buy it here.

What will you be buying for the sale? Let us know!

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