These crackers are made of insects deemed to ‘save the world’

MUJI, a popular Japanese variety story, will release cricket rice crackers. The crackers will be available for purchase in stores and online stores starting May 20.

MUJI and Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd, which plans and develops MUJI products, explain that this product is made to tackle problems caused by the rapid world population growth which threatens our future food security.

MUJI released a video explaining their thoughts on this. The video also mentioned reasons regarding the launch of Cricket Crackers, even mentioning the possibility that ‘crickets will save the world’.

Unfortunately, the video is available in Japanese only with no English subtitles.

To summarize the video, it said that there are benefits in using cricket as a food ingredient. It contains a lot of nutritions, has a low environmental impact, and a low cost of production.

The cricket crackers also have a taste that resembles that of shrimp crackers, according to MUJI.

Will you eat these crackers made of cricket?

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