These Clip-on Cup Holders Will Keep Your Drinks Safely off the Table

Having refreshing drinks at the ready while you’re working or studying at home helps a lot with staying productive. Of course, one thing that most of us struggle with is keeping the workstation as dry as possible. Sure, coasters can do the job, but then there’s the other risk of hitting your cup and spilling liquid all over your workstation, your gadgets, and everything else that’s important.

If you’ve got that dilemma, too, here’s something that can definitely help all of us.

Photo from Shopee

This clip-on cup holder will keep your drinks off the table yet still in arm’s reach! It’s easily attachable to the edges of your worktable. It has a sturdy clip that can hold up your drink for as long as you need them.

It comes in white, gray, yellow, and black, so there’s definitely one that will match your workstation’s aesthetic.

Photo from Shopee

Now, there’s no need to worry about spilling drinks or leaving ring stains on your table thanks to these cup holders. You can even use it for other work gadgets and accessories.

Buy this clip-on cup holder here!

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