These Cheerleaders Recreated Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” Music Video On A Budget And It Is On Point!

Fangirling has reached another level in social media these days. Now, it’s not enough to post photos or statuses about a certain celebrity. Sometimes, you gotta be them, too.

A group of cheerleaders from St. Paul College shows us this through their recreation of Dua Lipa’s newest music video for her song “New Rules”.

Gabbie Ignacio, a member of the group who did this “New Rules”-music-video-on-a-budget, posted it on video and instantly got a lot of attention for their resourcefulness and creativity. They actually imitated the video shot for shot, move for move, and even with “low budget effects”!

Check it out below:

Gabbie shares with that it was really just a spur of the moment thing. When they watched the original music video, they instantly thought of recreating it since it was their barkada‘s thing to recreate videos.

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She also shares that she didn’t think it would blow up since it only took them 4 hours to shoot and edit. 4 HOURS! That’s talent, IMHO.

What did you think of their recreated video? Share it with us!

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