These bike lanes show great effort — but questionable execution

Anyone that’s forced to make their daily commute in Metro Manila is no stranger to the inefficiency of our roads. In fact, sometimes it can get downright scary — especially for those who opt to bravely take their bicycles out.

This is why the creation of proper lanes is so important. On one hand, you mitigate the problem of traffic in a small way. On the other, you promote road safety — by protecting people in flimsy bikes from larger vehicles. Bike lanes could even be a huge motivation for people interested in alternative transportation to start doing it more regularly.

Naturally then, the announced plans to implement more biking lanes within Taguig was met with enthusiasm. BGC is already one of the more biker-friendly areas within Metro Manila. Its roads are larger than most and people generally follower traffic rules to a greater extent.

Because of this, people expected the lanes to actually be, well, functional. Unfortunately, these photos from a Facebook user show a little hitch in the plan: the lanes are placed in the middle of the sidewalk, forcing a strange pedestrian flow. There is also the glaring holes in the middle of the lanes itself. People are beginning to joke that maybe some urban planners wanted to encourage more intense exercise and parkour for its bikers. But hey, at least they tried right?

You gotta love the new bike lanes in BGC. Good thing we have a good hospital near by. #ILoveTaguig Bonifacio Global City

Posted by Gregory Tutt on Monday, December 3, 2018

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