These Barkadas Found Creative Ways to Solve the ‘Saan Tayo Kakain?’ Problem

Words by Gianna Sibal

Saan tayo kakain, guys?

I think this question has haunted a lot of us—students, employees, and even just friends out for a night out. It’s really hard to decide where we want to eat especially if we’re in an area surrounded by restaurant and food chains. When I was in senior high school, leaving the campus during lunch sounded like heaven to me—no need to stay in for those cafeteria lunches anymore! But as time passed, sobrang hirap pala—you can’t decide. Gusto ko ba ng McDonald’s? Tokyo Tokyo? Something new? Something not?

I don’t know about you guys, but my friends and I take at least six business days before we can come to a decision. There are those people in the barkada, that when asked about where they want to eat, would answer, “Ikaw bahala. Kahit ano”, and let me tell you before my friends do—I am incredibly guilty of this.

And then when one suggests a place, the other would say, “Ayaw ko diyan”, and then they’re back to square one, and no one wants to decide.

It all boils down to being indecisive about it—your stomach or your wallet can’t tell you what you want or where you want to eat, so we asked barkadas to share with us their solutions for our “Saan tayo kakain?” problem!

Consider these cheat sheets, guys. You don’t need six business days for this.

Since there were five of us, each one would choose where to eat based on the day of the week. Kunyari, Monday ako. Tuesday, another member of our friend group—and so on and so forth. Minsan nga, the person assigned for that specific day would forget pa na they were to decide where to eat, so by the time lunchtime swings around, siya yung binablame namin. “Diba ikaw today? Oh, ano, saan na?” It’s funny, but it works. There’s no getting out of it. – Joaquin

A lot of other barkadas use the ‘spinning wheel’ method. Your barkada doesn’t have to decide—someone something else does for you!

So my barkada is a bunch of indecisive *censored*, so this wheel that our friend made helps us decide where to eat along Katip. Since we’re surrounded by a lot of restos and fast food chains, hirap mag-decide every day. This makes it easier for us! – Andrea

The reason why I decided to make a wheel to decide where to eat (and with various versions pa) is because my friends are very indecisive! Like, mayaayana kakain daw sa labas and g naman pero it’ll take an hour until we decide kung saan talaga. So I saw kasi someone post a wheel on where to eat sa Katip in ADMU Freedom Wall and thought to make one for my friends din, except with the places that we usually go to instead. So, ayan, it’s helped naman na if we’re stuck on deciding, we just say, “Use the wheel” then ayun. 

We usually take one to three tries until we decide for sure, though, and lots of my friends asked for the links din so I’m hoping it helped them as well! Then I made a Davao one because one day my mom and sister were arguing on where to eat, and I realized na it was always a question of where to eat. So I made one mostly for my family and my mom really liked it. – Nicole
There was also a UST version that was made! A barkada shares that they also use it for their “Saan tayo kakain?” problem!

‘Yung una ko talagang nakita sa Twitter was a food wheel of restaurants around Taft. Then, kinabukasan, a mutual retweeted ‘yung UST food wheel, and being a very indecisive person with friends na laging “kayo bahala” or “kahit saan” ‘yung sagot, we decided na why not give it a try. – Raine

While crowdsourcing, I was also introduced to this app called Tiny Decisions. A barkada shares using this app to battle their indecisiveness!

We decided to use the app kasi very convenient siya—like you get to put all the options that you want pa on your own with your friends. Like all the other wheels we saw on Twitter, it works talaga, because we don’t have anyone to decide for us, and this app helps us create that wheel with our own choices—saka siya  mag-dedecide for us. Hirap talaga to choose when going out, e! – Patricia

Aside from using the wheel for your food slash restaurant choices, Tiny Decisions also helps you decide for other things—just choose or create a template!

So, with all of these creative ways, your barkada doesn’t have to spend an hour or more wasting your lunch break to decide where to eat. We got you.

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Has your barkada thought of other ways to solve your “Saan tayo kakain?” problem? Have you used the methods mentioned above? Share your thoughts with us!


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