These Are Sushi Tacos and You Have to Try It!

The pandemic gave birth to different food trends and many have been creating unique dishes that will surely make you drool.

Goodbye sushi bake, hello sushi tacos!

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The sushi tacos have 3 flavors: Ebi tempura sushi taco, Kani salad sushi taco, and spicy salmon sushi taco. What we loved about these are the generous serving in crispy nori taco shells. You can buy it in a box of 3 for Php450.

Their tacos in flour tortillas are available in chicken kebab, szechuan wing, cheeseburger with mac n cheese, pulled beef rendang, korean bbq beef with kimchi, wasabi prawn, seafood croquette, sisig or vegan tofu.

Hot Kiss Kitchen is a startup cloud kitchen concept launched by the same company that brought I’M Hotel, Antidote Bar, and I’M Onsen Spa. They offer elevated culinary delights available for takeaway and delivery. 

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What’s special with Hot Kiss Kitchen is their multiple years of experience in luxury concepts giving them the edge in elevating their recipes. 

Hot Kiss is a term coined from, Kissed by Fire, a catchphrase that best describes food, Chefs who have mastered heat control prepared. The carpe diem sentiment of Hot Kiss Kitchen exudes a “Seize the Day” outlook of living for the moment, enjoying satisfying meals with loved ones in the safety and comfort of home.

Aside from their Sushi tacos, they also offer flour tortilla tacos and mochi doughnuts.

Hot Kiss Kitchen