These Are All the Disney Movies That Are Officially Getting Animated Shows

Disney is ready to bring a whole lot of new shows and movies to its streaming platform Disney+, among which are official series off-shoots of four widely-loved animated films.

The company revealed during its Disney Investor Day that it will be bringing the likes of Moana, Tiana of the Princess and the Frog, Baymax of Big Hero 6, and the animals of Zootopia to the small screen with whole new wacky, funny, and heartwarming stories that will delight kids and kids-at-heart everywhere!

In his own series, Baymax, the lovable healthcare robot, will be flying around the city of San Fransokyo helping citizens with his new powers and comforting hugs.

Meanwhile, Zootopia will have short-form episodes that focus on different characters from the film such as Fru Fru (the Arctic shrew and the daughter of crime lord Mr. Big), the handsome Tiger Dancers, and Flash the sloth.

There’s no word yet what Tiana and Moana’s stories will be about in their individual shows, but we have high hopes that they’ll be just like the Tangled series wherein it featured our favorite longhaired Disney heroine embarking on tons of crazy adventures with Flynn Ryder and a ton of new friends while providing plenty of amazing musical numbers.

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Baymax!, Zootopia+, and Tiana will debut in 2022 while Moana will premiere in 2023.

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