These 3 COVID-19 survivors donate their blood to help with virus study

Last April 9, three COVID-19 survivors donate their blood to help other patients battling the virus. In a Facebook post by PGH spokesperson Jonas del Rosario, he posted that Ian Frias, Gale Arranz, and Kain Soriano have donated their blood for the Convalescent Plasma Therapy vs COVID-19 to the Philippine General Hospital.

He called the three “brave and healthy” for donating their blood. It is also nice to note that they donated their blood on Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor). Del Rosario also said, “They rose above the stigma and showed the world that their plasma is a gift of life.”

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There is no known cure or vaccine yet for the virus, but blood donation from survivors could help in the study for a cure. Del Rosario also calls on for more donations from other COVID-19 survivors. For more information, you may contact 155-200.

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