These​ ​Korean​ ​Dumplings​ ​are​ ​Seriously​ ​Addictive!

If you think you’ve tried everything there is to try in Korean cuisine, think again. Step aside, samgyupsal, bulgogi, and bingsu. Say hello to the Crispy Mandu!

Mandu is Korean dumplings and they’re very popular in South Korea. They’re enjoyed in a variety of ways: as street food, as part of a meal, or paired with a hot bowl of soup. They’re now available in BonChon and we got to try this new dish. They’re so addictive that once we started eating, we couldn’t stop!

BonChon’s Crispy Mandu is made up deep-fried dumplings stuffed with chicken, served over a hot bed of white rice or Seoul Fried Rice. We found the dumplings to be super crunchy on the outside, with a flavorful chicken roll on the inside. What makes BonChon’s Mandu different from other dumplings is that they are coated with BonChon’s famous Original Glaze or Spicy Glaze.

The dumplings are best enjoyed by dipping it in salty and sweet soy-based dipping sauce, which is also addictive that we found ourselves pouring it over our rice!

You can order the Mandu on its own for P55, and you can order it with rice for P75 (add P25 to upgrade to Seoul Fried Rice). But if you’re feeling hungry, you can order it with soup and a drink for P159.

BonChon’s Crispy Mandu is awesome both as a snack and a full meal, but we recommend eating it as a meal with rice and ordering an extra four piece set of dumplings. Don’t forget the sauce!

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