There’s only one word to describe the next PWR live event: NICE

PWR Live NICE Poster

PWR’s first show of the year, PWR Live: New Year’s Wrestle-ution, definitely shook the foundation of the promotion. Unbelievable victories, surprising comebacks, and a whole lot of chaos welcomed Philippine Wrestling Revolution into the year 2019 and the promotion is looking to keep that momentum going at the Power Mac Center Spotlight in Circuit Makati on February 17, 2017 for their February event: PWR Live: NICE

Here are the matches you can expect to see at this upcoming PWR event:


PWR Championship: Ralph Imabayashi (c) vs. Evan Carleaux

The unthinkable happened at the last PWR event in January. The PWR Champion Ralph Imabayashi tapped out after nearly 2 years staying undefeated. And the man who caused him to tap out was none other than Evan Carleaux of the Naughty Boys of Philippine Wrestling. The two met in the ring in the past PWR event after Ralph earned an opportunity at the PWR Tag Team Championships due to his stellar reign as PWR Champion. However, due to the breakup of MTNH and Rederick Mahaba’s exit from PWR, Imabayashi had no choice but to call on the services of his former partner’s PA, the now-named Cali Nueva. Suffice to say, the brand new team did not stand a chance against the tested and tenured duo of Evan Carleaux and Trian Dela Torre and Imabayashi would tap out to Carleux’s Tech Noir finisher setting him up for a very nice title shot in this coming event.

Will the Naughty Boy of Philippine Wrestling be able to finally dethrone Ralph Imabayashi or will Ang Kampeon Ng Pilipinas be able to extend his championship reign against the very game Carleaux?


PHX Championship Match: John Sebastian (c) vs. Chris Panzer w/ Mr. Sy

There’s no surprise that John Sebastian would stoop to any and all levels to keep the Philippine Excellence Championship around his waist which is why the Wrestling Lord and Savior decided to disqualify himself in his title match against Jake De Leon in order to retain his prized possession. What was surprising, however, was Chris Panzer’s decision to accept Mr. Sy’s offer and join the maligned Mr. Sy Group a.k.a. MSG. Mr. Sy promised Panzer if he would join MSG, he would be guaranteed a title shot with no questions asked, and Mr. Sy delivered. And the best part it, John Sebastian has never defeated Chris Panzer in a title match.

Chris Panzer and John Sebastian go head-to-head once again in a title match and this time, it’s for the Philippine Excellence Championship. Who will come out of PWR Live: NICE with the PHX title?


ALL OUT WAR Championship Match: Dax Xaviera (c) vs. Joey Bax

Joey Bax is wasting no time in making a mark after returning at PWR Vendetta last year. After successfully assisting Revo Ranger and Bolt in defeating their nemesis The Endgame, the Fighter 4 Hire has now set his sights on Dax Xaviera and the ALL OUT WAR Championship and made his intentions clear with a Slingblade. Dax Xaviera, on the other hand, has been no slouch on his end. He was able to successfully defend his beloved title against AB3 in an ALL OUT WAR Match and his momentum does not seem to be stopping soon.

Which of these slingblade-aficionados will leave PWR Live: NICE as the ALL OUT WAR champion?


PWR Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Tournament Finals: The Punk Dolls vs. The YOLO Twins

It’s a match we’ve seen in the past but a lot has happened between these two teams over the years. The Punk Dolls have been on a roll as of late. Martivo has been shining in singles competition during his Punk Doll partner’s absence but now Robynn has returned and they have wasted no time in getting their groove back and working their way into title contention. The YOLO Twins on the other hand have been men on a mission. They have been working towards reclaiming their spot as PWR’s top tag team and even though we know how hard that is, the terrible twins from Katips have been making it look easy.

Which of these two tag teams will become the #1 contenders to the PWR Tag Team titles?


PHX Championship #1 Contenders 3-Way Match: Ken Warren vs. Chino Guinto vs. Jan Evander

Chino Guinto is back! It was the comeback that rocked Philippine Wrestling Revolution and it looks like it’s going to rock the Philippine Excellence Championship title scene very soon. Chino returned and made it clear to everyone that he’s not here to take part. The Golden Boy is here to take over. The two people in his way towards the PHX Championship: Ken Warren & Jan Evander.

Ken Warren has been on a crusade to gain a one-on-one rematch to the PHX Championship but no matter how hard he tries, the opportunity has been elusive. Now the Social Media Sinister has another shot at PHX gold. Jan Evander, on the other hand, has been on a quest to get back on the winning track along with The Endgame and has been amazing in matches but has failed to find the right formula to success. No doubt the pro wrestling doctor will be looking to bounce back and get a title opportunity at that.

Which of these three hungry competitors will come out the #1 contender for the PHX Championship?


These are just some of the hard-hitting and exciting matchups that you can expect at the upcoming event but there’s still so much more to be seen. Catch your favorite PWR wrestlers such as Jake De Leon, Vlad Sinnsyk, Alexander Belmonte III, Trian Dela Torre, Mike Madrigal, and Quatro, while also getting to see PWR’s newer competitors such as Jaye Sera, Jhemherlhynn, Cali Nueva, and “El Guapo” Carlos Zamora!

Come join us on February 17, 2019, 2PM, at the Power Mac Center Spotlight for the next PWR Live: NICE!


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