There’s Now An Ugliest Color In The World

Trust us, it ain’t pretty.

Researchers have found the ugliest color in the world, the color where no one has nothing nice to say about it. While the reason for looking for such can baffle you, there’s actually a pretty important rationale for doing so.

Pantone Color of the Year

The revelation was made by Australia’s researchers in 2012, who were tasked to find the ugliest color ever, following an Australian law that cigarettes can only be sold in plain packaging. And while no one is outright banning these cigarettes, pretty much everyone knows that packaging can make or break a product. And so, the Pantone color 448C, or opaque couché, was found.

Ugliest color in the world

The Australian law further mandates that brand names have to be small with no promotional text, and with warnings and graphic images of the effects tobacco can have on the body placed prominently.

Apparently it worked, with rates dropping by .55 percent, and other countries such as the UK, Ireland and France are looking into adopting the same policy.

What’s your LEAST favorite color??