There’s now a device that softly ‘tases your bedmate’ who snores

Sibelmed, a company that designs, manufactures and sells medical products since 1980 in the specialties of spirometry, audiometry, and dream diagnosis (according to their website), developed a device for treatment of sleep apnea and positional snoring.

Somnibel is a “small and light device attached to the forehead that applies a soft vibration while the patient sleeps supine to induce him to change position, thus reducing the incidence of sleep breathing events, whether apneas or positional snoring.”

Sibelmed claims that Somnibel offers the following benefits:

  • Reduce the number of apneas (Apnea-hypopnea Index)
  • Improve blood oxygen saturation
  • Improve the quality of sleep and daytime sleepiness
  • Improve arterial hypertension
  • Improve Life Quality
  • Improve the couple’s rest

Somnibel has been validated through a clinical trial in 128 patients conducted in two independent sleep units of international prestige and the results confirm that it is an effective system in the reduction of sleep apnea.

Sibelmed said that this device is safe, well-tolerated, and does not produce relevant side effects.

The device is only available via Sibelmed’s website or if ever you are in Barcelona, you can give their office a call to purchase Somnibel.

What do you think of this device?

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