There’s Now A Buffalo Wing-Flavored Latte

We’ve heard of rainbow lattes, coconut lattes — but buffalo lattes?

That’s right, buffalo wing sauce-flavored lattes.

Don’t ask us — ask Tim Horton’s, which released this new limited edition drink to celebrate their new lattes at Buffalo, New York.

To give you a better idea, according to a press release, the drink is made up of “freshly brewed espresso, steamed milk, mocha, and bold buffalo sauce flavor” with buffalo seasoning on top.

These buffalo lattes are available only for a limited time at a specific Tim Horton’s in Buffalo, NY.

Chances are, someone’s going to try it for fun. But if you don’t like having buffalo sauce in your coffee, you can still get the usual flavors like caramel, vanilla, or mocha.

Are you brave enough to try the buffalo wing sauce-flavored latte? Let us know your thoughts!


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